2008 Chrysler Minivans Price Drop

Chrysler has decided to cut some of the excess fat from the pricing on it’s bestselling minivans.  Price drops vary depending on trim, but some drops are as large as $3,585 – not insignificant by any measure.  It’s hard to say what sort of impact the lower sticker prices will have.  On one hand, it will help ( at a least a bit ) with the residual value, since that’s a reflection of resale value vs MSRP.  Resale value won’t change ,but MSRP will, so that will be an improvement.

Also, the lower MSRP *could* potentially send more traffic into the dealerships.  The problem is that a lower MSRP generally means lower / no rebates – something that these minivans survive on.  Let’s face it – a huge percentage of domestic shoppers are trading in a domestic vehicle that they are upside-down on.  A big rebate helps make the purchase possible, if not advisable.  Even with the increased traffic, Chrysler could potentially see less sales from this move.  It will be interesting to see, in any case.

Check out the details of the price drops at Kicking Tires.

Published on July 13, 2007 in Chrysler

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