2008 BMW X6 Spy Shot – Nearly Naked

2008-bmw-x6 Unlike the last BMW X6 spy photo, the X6 is only lightly camouflaged this time.  And, quite frankly, I wish that wasn’t the case.  Rarely do I wish for *more* cladding on a vehicle, but at least that would shield our eyes from from this monstrosity that BMW is set to unleash upon us.  Lately I’ve become a fan of a BMW’s, mainly from my 335i test drive.  The 2008 X6 really makes me question what the folks on the other side of the Atlantic are thinking – I mean really??  Remember, the X6 sales go is 50,000 units per year. Considering that this is hatchback / wagon / SUV / crossover / whatever it is, is so confused and tough on the eyes, I’d be amazed if they moved a third of that number.


Published on July 20, 2007 in BMW,Spy Shots

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