2008 BMW 135i Review

2008-bmw-135i The BMW 1-series can be had with a baby engine, sure. But what’s the fun in that? When the folks from Germany announced that their excellent twin-turbo six cylinder engine would be available in the form of the 135i, nothing else mattered. Indeed, the 135i accelerates brilliantly. 0-60 in the low fives is very possible, and will pin you back against your seat.

The 2008 135i is a very good car. The problem is that big brother 335i is a great car. 4 doors are available, and there’s a human sized back seat – something the 135i does not have. Pricing is also a concern. Comparably configured, there’s on a few thousand dollars separating the 135i from the 335i. Many would opt for the larger 3-series – I certainly would. The 135i’s ultimate demise won’t be it’s shortcomings, but rather the brilliance of it’s bigger brother.

2008 BMW 135i Specs

  • 300 HP Twin-Turbo 3.0 liter Inline 6
  • RWD
  • Six speed automatic or Six speed manual
  • Curb weight: 3373 lbs
  • EPA Says: 18 MPG city / 26 MPG highway ( automatic )

2008 BMW 135i Reviews

TTAC reviews the 2008 BMW 135i and writes – ‘The 135i’s dynamics are distinctly “piano like.” By this I mean it drives as if there’s a piano strapped to the roof. And no wonder, the 135i tips the scales at 3373lbs. (When BMW and Edmunds described the 135i as the 2002’s successor, they must have been talking about the 2002 model year 330i.) Even with the mighty mill motivating the mass, despite the fact that it’s lighter than the equally powerful 335i, the 135i feels heavy on its feet. Don’t get me wrong: there’s plenty of grip. But someone forgot to add nimbleness.’

2008-bmw-135i-2 Motor Trend reviews the 2008 BMW 135i and writes – ‘Says editor at large Arthur St. Antoine, “I’m blown away by this little stealth fighter. I can’t recall another car that’s been more surprising to drive; I expected the 135i to offer solid performance, but it’s breathtakingly quick. Refined, too-it’s a bona-fide BMW. Direct and communicative steering feel, bags of grip. An absolute blast to drive.”‘

Edmunds reviews the 2008 BMW 135i and writes – ‘Spirited back-road driving proves the 2008 BMW 135i Coupe can deliver the goods, as it dispatched corners with crisp turn-in, an eager willingness to change direction and impeccable grip, without sacrificing the road-worthy poise of the 335i that we love. On our test track, this translates to a blistering 72.4-mph run in the slalom, easily outpacing the last 335i we tested (69.5 mph) and edging the 2008 STI (72.0 mph). Skid pad figures are a wash, as both BMWs generate 0.89g and the STI makes 0.90g.’

Car and Driver reviews the 2008 BMW 135i and writes – ‘Dynamically and sensorially, the 135i is quite fantastic, which is no mystery since the car is based on the much-loved 3-series. You’d be hard pressed to find a better ride-and-handling compromise, and the thrust of the blown motor is immensely satisfying. As much as I like the 135i, it seems an odd proposition to me because it’s not that much quicker than the 335i and it’s a whole lot less practical. Plus, the 135i is only about four grand cheaper than the 335i sedan—the car I’d take to my grave.’

Popular Mechanics reviews the 2008 BMW 135i and writes – ‘Inside the 135i, there’s a well thought-out cabin that looks nearly identical to the 3-Series. We drove a bright red car with a slick, black-and-red cloth interior, only to find out that the U.S. cars will come with real leather or leatherette only, and will have conventional bucket seats instead of the sports seats in our test car. Too bad, we were digging those cloth seats. The fast-sloping, cool-looking coupe roof appears to restrict rear seat headroom. Not so: A person measuring 6’4” tall can sit in the back seat with two inches of clearance between hair and headliner. Impressive.’

Published on April 22, 2008 in BMW

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