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The Truth About Cars reviews the 2007 Sentra and isn’t particularly impressed – ‘The new Sentra works extremely well sitting still. When you begin to move, everything starts to go a bit pear shaped. Most dramatically, all that clever styling has resulted in huge C-Pillars, tiny side mirrors, a porthole-like rear window and a high rear deck. Visibility is roughly on a par with a buttoned-up M3A3 Bradley.’

I’ll have to agree on a few points – the C pillars are absolutely ridiculously large… rearward visibility is nearly as bad as a 350Z – and that’s horrible. The side mirrors don’t offend me, as most small cars sacrifice in this area. Nissan does need to see if anything can be done to affect the C-pillars though – if I was considering a small car, the Sentra would be out because of this reason.

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Published on November 21, 2006 in Car Reviews

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