2007 Saturn Outlook Review

The 2007 Saturn Outlook is built on the same platform as the new GMC Arcadia – an all-new unibody platform. GM is betting a lot on these two cousins, and they’re betting a lot on the new platform. Why unibody over a body-on-frame? Well, unibody promises better ride quality, lighter weight, and most importantly, better fuel economy. It sounds better all around, right? Just about – you do lose some towing capacity, and off-road prowess. Of course, upwards of 95% of SUV buyers never see dirt roads and trails. And many don’t use nearly the maximum towing capacity available to them. GM knows this, and that’s why the Saturn Outlook came into being. Overall, it’s a pretty nice looking vehicle, and it sounds like it’s comfortable and rides well too. Read on to find out the details..

2007 Saturn Outlook Specs

  • 270 HP 3.6 liter V6
  • FWD or available AWD
  • 4500 lbs max towing capacity
  • Seating for up to 8
  • EPA says 18 MPG city / 26 MPG highway

2007 Saturn Outlook Reviews

The Car Connection reviews the 2007 Saturn Outlook and is impressed by the interior – ‘Inside, the Outlook is one of the best examples of the interior design renaissance at GM. Instead of the previous layered dash of, say, the Vue SUV, the Outlook’s dashboard sweeps smoothly and cleanly from door to door. The XR version has woodgrain insets that are light years better than are found in, for example, the GMC Envoy. Analog instruments are neat and classy. Cloth upholstery is standard, while leather is optional.’

Joe Wiesenfelder of Cars.com reviews the 2007 Saturn Outlook and writes – ‘Because it’s mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, the Outlook has both decent acceleration overall and efficient cruising. I stress overall because the drivetrain has what I consider a significant deficiency: accelerator lag. As I mentioned, once the car gets going it has decent power, but there’s often a delay after you step on the pedal before the Outlook responds.’

Edmunds.com reviews the 2007 Saturn Outlook and writes – ‘The 2007 Saturn Outlook doesn’t aspire to be sporty and thus doesn’t quite fall into the “fun to drive” camp, but it’s not ponderous either; it handles with more confidence than you’d expect from a vehicle weighing more than 4,700 pounds. Ride quality is forgiving without being wallowy. Its 3.6-liter V6s are smooth at almost every rev range and deliver enough power to handle most performance demands with ease.’

The Detroit News reviews the 2007 Saturn Outlook and writes – ‘Our passengers, including those in the third-row seat, rode happily. Even with all three seats up, we were able to pack all of their stuff into the rear luggage compartment. Because the Outlook is based on a unitized car platform, it rode low to the ground, like a car, which meant the older, less agile members of our families easily entered and exited the vehicle.’

Autosite.com reviews the 2007 Saturn Outlook and is in love – ‘Evidence that General Motors is no longer stepping on its own feet continues to mount. Witness the Saturn Outlook, a large crossover SUV that drives better than smaller rivals, looks terrific inside and out, and is priced exactly right. With a strong powertrain, composed handling, perfect suspension tuning, and stout brakes, the Outlook is actually fun to drive. It’s comfortable, too, with room for seven and a middle seat that slides for added leg room.’

Published on January 16, 2007 in Saturn

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