2007 Lincoln Navigator Review

2007 Lincoln Navigator The original luxury SUV, the Lincoln Navigator, gets a pretty nice thorough update for 2007. The frame and suspension are new, and the body is pretty different looking to say the least. While I’m not a fan of the new chromed-out grille, the Escalade crowd probably will be. Inside the cabin is typical Lincoln wonderfulness – classy, elegant, and comfortable.

If the Escalade’s 1950’s-era solid rear axle ( and subsequent non-fold-flat third row seating ) doesn’t do it for you, the Navigator is worth a long, hard look. It’s classy without being overbearing, and exudes luxury. And if the chrome issues on the front really weird you out, no worries. Lincoln will be releasing a less “loud” option soon, and the parts should be available from your Lincoln dealer before too long.

2007 Lincoln Navigator Specs

  • 300 HP 5.4 liter V8
  • 6 speed automatic transmission
  • 5872 lb curb weight
  • Available climate-controlled seats
  • Available power running boards ( class exclusive )

2007 Lincoln Navigator Reviews

Autobytel reviews the 2007 Lincoln Navigator and writes – ‘The biggest drawback to the 2007 Lincoln Navigator is the engine. The only choice is a 5.4-liter, 300-horsepower V8 that’s also under the hood of the Lincoln Mark LT and the Ford Expedition. Its primary competition, the Cadillac Escalade, easily out-powers it with a 403-hp, 6.2-liter V8 that also boasts more torque than the Navigator. And then there’s the grille. It dominates the Navigator completely, and makes this SUV stand out in traffic like a…like a…like a 2007 Lincoln Navigator. If you like the design and don’t mind being seen – and possibly pointed at – then by all means, buy it. But anything that makes an Escalade look subdued by comparison is over the top for us.’

The Auto Channel reviews the 2007 Lincoln Navigator and writes – ‘The Navigator designers went to great lengths to distinguish this truck from the garish Escalade. But, forgive me Lincoln folks, that optional chrome on the nose and the shiny chin grill the Navigator looks to me like a diva with an botched lip job. It certainly has a bold and aggressive look with that extra visual stuff on the front but it’s as garish as the competition. Without the extra chrome, however, it’s much more in keeping with the stated philosophy – “unpretentious.”’

Cars.com reviews the 2007 Lincoln Navigator and writes – ‘There’s nothing inherently wrong with the new Lincoln Navigator that would make me say someone shouldn’t buy one. If the looks grab you, then it makes perfect sense. If you’re remotely on the fence about picking the Escalade, the near-$10,000 difference in price between the $45,755 Navigator and the $54,500 Escalade could be the difference, though many drivers would be just as happy with a Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer Edition for $35,575 as with a luxury SUV.’

Automobile Mag reviews the 2007 Lincoln Navigator and writes – ‘But the last Navigator already did the subtle and refined thing. What this model really needs is an infusion of Escalade-style attitude. The Navigator doesn’t even have the personality of the Infiniti QX56, never mind the megamagnetic Caddy. Lincoln says more powerful engines–maybe even a diesel–and bigger, twenty-two-inch wheels may be offered, but not for a couple of years. The Escalade, of course, offers more power (403 hp versus the Navigator’s 300 hp) and deuce-deuces right now. As for all that chrome, buyers can specify body-colored trim in place of much of it starting in February. Make up your mind already, Lincoln.’

Business Week reviews the 2007 Lincoln Navigator and writes – ‘Like GM, Ford is beginning to upgrade its insides. The Ford model line is developing an interior design language across its products but Lincoln, because it is more upscale, looks different. The look is less “industrial” than Ford’s, with an emphasis on a more sophisticated style, including wood veneers and better quality plastics. Is it as nice as a Range Rover’s interior? Not even close—but then the Rover starts at around $76,000, or nearly $20,000 more than a fully loaded Navigator (including the power running boards, rear-seat DVD player and 20-in. chrome hubcaps.) Of course, both Rover and Lincoln are owned by Ford and presumably Ford doesn’t want the two vehicles to compete for the same buyer.’

Published on March 14, 2007 in Lincoln

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