2007 Honda Civic SI Sedan Review

Honda’s Civic SI has always been a popular model – and with the new redesign, it’s been crazy hot. This time around, Honda decided to stir up the pot a little bit by offering a first – an SI sedan. That way, would-be SI owners who need 4 doors don’t have to settle for something else. The best news about the SI sedan? It only adds about 60 lbs to the coupe – not too shabby. Read on to find out if the SI sedan lives up to the legend.
2007 Honda Civic SI Sedan Specs

  • 2.0 Liter DOHC 4 Cylinder Engine
  • 197 HP @ 7800 RPM
  • 139 fl-lbs of torque @ 6100 RPM
  • 8,000 RPM Redline
  • 6-speed manual transmission
  • 2945 lb curb weight
  • MPG : 23 city / 32 highway

2007 Honda Civic SI Sedan Reviews

Automobile Mag reviews the 2007 Honda Civic SI Sedan and writes – ‘Where some past VTECs were decidedly sleepy until they reached full sound-and-fury mode, this DOHC iVTEC pushes the Si along smartly even before you get to the far end of the tach. In our tests, the sedan, which is 59 pounds heavier than the coupe, took 7.4 seconds to reach 60 mph, versus 6.7 seconds for the coupe.’

Autosite.com reviews the 2007 Honda Civic SI Sedan and writes – ‘The Honda Civic Si Sedan’s steering, suspension, and brakes all make city driving a joy. In first and second gears, the Si Sedan is lively and seems to be less affected by the engine’s need to rev through the ceiling to extract maximum power than when passing on the highway. Steering is quick, crisp, and offers great feel despite its electric rather than hydraulic assist system.’

Cars.com reviews the 2007 Honda Civic SI Sedan and writes – ‘For those not familiar with the 197-horsepower four-cylinder engine and six-speed manual transmission in both Si models, it’s a high-revving affair. This is Honda’s performance trademark. When you slam on the gas the tachometer flies to an 8,000-rpm redline — that’s high — and it doesn’t feel like it will stop there. The engine noise is decidedly different to anyone used to gruntier muscle cars or the low torque that Volkswagen aims for in its GLI.’

The Truth about Cars reviews the 2007 Honda Civic SI Sedan and isn’t impressed with the acceleration- ‘Except it doesn’t. The Si’s mill sounds fine, thanks to a growly though thankfully restrained exhaust. But for a car that weighs only 60 lbs more than its two-door sibling, the Si sedan should run a lot harder than it does. Or at least feel as if it’s running harder than it is. Despite a not-entirely-slow zero to sixty time of 8.4 seconds, the four-door seems distinctly anemic.’

Autobytel reviews the 2007 Honda Civic SI Sedan and writes – ‘As good as the Civic Si is, the competition hasn’t stood still, and there are some serious challenges out there. Perhaps the strongest contender is the Volkswagen GTI. Yes, we know it’s a hatchback, but it’s also available with five doors, and even though it costs more it’s still competitive price-wise if you don’t go nuts with the options sheet. You also get an engine with generous amounts of torque, something that is sorely lacking in the Si. Also in the mix is the Subaru WRX, with standard all-wheel drive and a more powerful and torquey engine offsetting its price premium. The upcoming Sentra SE-R Spec V and the limited-edition Mazdaspeed3 also fall into the same price and performance category.’

Published on December 18, 2006 in Honda

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