2007 Ford Expedition Review

2007 Ford Expedition The Expedition has always been a popular large SUV, but recently the competition has been making some headway. So Ford made some changes for 2007. They started off with massive price cuts across the line – now the base Expedition starts out under $30,000. While they were at it, Ford built the new Expedition on a much stiffer chassis, with new front and rear suspensions. They also swapped out that old 4 speed auto for a slick 6 speed, to help with acceleration and gas mileage.

For 2007, front seat side airbags become standard equipment, as does stability control. And last but not least, the powertrain warranty was extended to 5 years or 60 thousand miles. All in all, not a bad upgrade in my book. Read on to get the specs and see what everyone is saying about the Expedition.

2007 Ford Expedition Specs

  • 300 HP 5.4 liter V8
  • 365 ft-lbs of torque
  • 6 speed automatic transmission
  • Max Towing Capacity – 9200 lbs
  • RWD or available 4WD
  • Curb Weight: 5578 lbs
  • Side and side-curtain airbags standard
  • EPA Says: 14 MPG city, 20 MPG highway ( RWD )
  • Also available in Extended Length ( EL )

2007 Ford Expedition Reviews

Family Car reviews the 2007 Ford Expedition and writes – ‘The Expedition is first and foremost, a truck, with all the ruggedness and hauling capacity intact, but Ford took great pains to disguise that fact when you are riding in it. Part of the reason for the comfortable ride has to go to the fully independent rear suspension which provides better footing on all road surfaces. An independent rear suspension was first introduced on the Expedition for the 2003 model year. For 2007, it has been revised to improve ride and handling. Another feature is the stiff chassis with fully boxed frame rails that have increased box section thickness for greater rigidity. One of the reasons the chassis is so stiff is because the cross members go completely through the boxed frame rails and are welded on both sides of the rails for added stiffness.’

Automotive.com reviews the 2007 Ford Expedition and writes – ‘Fuel prices have chased lots of people away from full-size sport-utilities, but all the vehicles in this class now offer a surprising amount of car-like refinement in addition to the customary utility. Even in this group, the 2007 Ford Expedition stands apart because it not only offers the best overall utility package but also delivers superior performance in virtually every way. As fuel prices help shift priorities to smaller, more efficient vehicles, it’s important to remember that full-size sport-utilities will become more useful than ever simply because no other vehicle can do so much with so many people. Ford is right on target with its family adventure concept, and the Ford Expedition is the best vehicle for family vacation travel on the American road.’

Truck Trend reviews the 2007 Ford Expedition and writes – ‘Although the 2007 Expedition may look like it received a moderate restyle, don’t be fooled. There are more than a few significant changes. To begin with, the all-new Expedition EL is Ford’s replacement for the F-250-based Ford Excursion. Now it is to the Expedition what the Suburban is to the Chevy Tahoe: built on the same chassis, with many of the same parts. In fact, the EL has the new Expedition’s completely redesigned independent rear suspension, a revised five-link design, and shares sheetmetal from the B-pillar to the front bumper, which sits below Ford’s now-signature three-horizontal-bar grille.’

Edmunds reviews the 2007 Ford Expedition and writes – ‘Drive a 2007 Ford Expedition and you’ll likely be impressed by its agile handling. It’s still a big vehicle and demands that you respect it as such, but its steering response, controllability and general composure are striking. Ride quality is smooth, though the Ford isn’t as plush as some competitors and it has a bit more road noise as well. Although the Expedition’s mass is apparent from behind the wheel, the V8 offers solid acceleration in most situations, delivering its power in a very smooth manner. The six-speed automatic generally makes good use of the V8’s reserves but occasionally has difficulty finding the right gear during passing maneuvers.’

Cnet reviews the 2007 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 4×4 and writes – ‘Looking over the top of a BMW X5 in front of us on the highway, we realized just how huge the 2007 Ford Expedition really is. As one would expect in a car with a driver’s seat set as high as that of a bus, forward visibility is very good. Rear visibility is less so: To our dismay, the 2007 Expedition does not come with a rearview camera as part of its navigation system upgrade. Our car included the optional Convenience Package, which includes a reverse-sensing system in its $695 price tag. Also aiding rear visibility is the Expedition’s all-glass liftgate, which can be opened separately from the rear hatch.’

SearchChicago Autos reviews the 2007 Ford Expedition and writes – ‘Without a doubt the best thing Ford could have done, aside from adding more ponies to the powerful and capable 5.4-liter V-8 (300 horsepower), was to add two gears to the transmission. I hated the previous four-speed configuration, and it labored intensely while delivering less-than-crisp shifts and not-so-gripping torque on demand. This new six-speed is a smooth operator that also delivers better fuel economy. I was pleasantly surprised to find acceleration from stop lights to be on demand and capable of getting me up and going with the traffic. I know I mentioned the fuel economy a few lines back, but there is not much good news here. I averaged 13 mpg at best, and that was with light-to-no load at all. Then again, if you are looking at an Expedition, chances are you have priorities beyond paying at the pump.’

Published on March 9, 2007 in Ford

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