2007 Ford Expedition EL Review

The 2007 Ford Expedition EL is powered by the ubiquitous 5.4 liter Triton V8 , used in many Ford vehicles these days. This engine doesn’t set any records, but it puts out a healthy 300 HP, is very smooth, and pretty darn quiet. Ford dropped the 6 speed auto into the 07 Expedition to help this beast make the most of those ponies. With it’s huge size and weight, it needs all the help it can get. I’m a big Expedition fan ( I drive an 05 Lincoln Navigator, which is of course based on the Expedition ) but I have to say I don’t really see the point of this vehicle. Chevy owns the extra-extra large full-size SUV market, and they always have. Ford’s previous venture into this area, the Excursion, failed miserably. Granted, the Expedition EL is a much tamer beast than the Excursion, and I expect it to do better in this segment. The problem is twofold though. One, most of these buyers have been buying Suburbans for years and won’t even look at the Blue Oval. Two, the SUV market is definitely shrinking, so why come out with an XXL model now, of all times?

2007 Ford Expedition EL Reviews

Jalopnik reviews the 2007 Ford Expedition EL and writes – ‘I cannot overstate this: the Expedition EL is a gigantic automobile. You, seven of your largest, male friends and a Fiat 500 could all fit comfortably inside. With both rows of seats folded flat, Ford can brag about 130.8 cubic feet of storage. Much more impressive, with all the seats up there’s 42.6 cubic footage available behind the third row. Let me put that in perspective. A Honda Fit, which is quite commodious with its seats down, offers 41.9 cubes.’

The Truth about Cars reviews the 2007 Ford Expedition EL and is really impressed with the seats – ‘If the outside is gangsta’s paradise, the inside is Harry & David meets Sharper Image. The seats are the best offered in any American SUV. They may have as much to do with proper driving as John Kerry does with Army recruiting, but two-hours on the road feels like fifteen minutes in bed on a Sunday morning reading the papers. Gross Ford binnage abounds. Unless you touch them, the plastics– dyed a deeper shade of drab– don’t offend. So don’t.’

Jim Mateja of the Chicago Tribune reviews the massive 2007 Ford Expedition EL and writes – ‘One nagging problem, slipping a vehicle 14.8 inches longer than the barge-size Expedition into a parking space–any parking space. You think that’s bad? Try to get back inside the vehicle when another vehicle–any size vehicle–parks too close to your doors. And don’t forget, you’ll still have to back out of the parking space without tattooing any nearby vehicle.’

Autoblog reviews the 2007 Ford Expedition EL and writes – ‘When it was finally time to hit the road, we twisted the key and were greeted with an exhaust note that sounded as if it were transplanted straight from the Mustang GT. Sure, it’s a bit attenuated, but there’s no mistaking that Ford mod-motor sound. Better yet, that same attitude comes through strongly at WOT, and the acceleration is strong if not breathtaking. Things are well-behaved during normal cruising, though, and the engine has a refined sound and feel. The transmission behaves itself through all of this, and uses its well-spaced ratios to pop off shifts with a good compromise between quickness and smoothness.’

Published on December 11, 2006 in Ford

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