2007 Auto Sales Highlights

Final numbers are in for each automaker’s sales figures – some are pretty while some are not. There aren’t any surprises when looking at the overall automakers, but there are some surprises for the individual brands. The overall look is Imports up, Domestics down. For those who like a little more detail, here are a couple success stories –

  • Mazda +9.8% – Mazda has an improved lineup over 2006, no doubt about it. I think they are crossover-heavy at this point, and need to look at slimming down a little to regain focus. Otherwise they may not see an increase for 2008.
  • GMC +4.8% – Completely baffled. The Acadia helped, I’m sure. But the rest of GMC’s lineup is huge, expensive, and guzzles gas in a spectacular fashion. $3+ gallon gas = sales increase for gas hogs?
  • Lincoln +8.8% – After all that talk about Lincoln’s impending doom, they go and drop an almost 9% sales increase on the world. Once they let go of the awful naming snafu, things could get even better.
  • Saturn +5.7% – Surprised this isn’t higher. Saturn is a radically different company than the Saturn most of us remember. They’re worth looking at.
And here are a couple completely flops for 2007:
  • Jaguar -24.4% – This surprises no one.
  • Acura -10.8% – A tough year, with little in the way of fresh / updated product. Honda needs to wake up and put some compelling product on Acura dealers’s lots.
  • Buick -23% – Even the Enclave couldn’t save Buick from a horrific decline.
  • Chrysler -10.5% – When’s the last time you considered one?
  • Ford -13.9% – They’re in trouble. Too much product and not enough focus doesn’t help in the least.
  • Pontiac -13% – See Chrysler for my thoughts.

Check out the full list here.

Published on January 7, 2008 in Auto Industry News

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