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2007-audi-rs4Karl on Cars reviews the 2007 Audi RS4 and has this to say – ‘This is one of those cars with powers that border on ludicrous. It’s not the 420 horsepower, 4.5 second zero-to-60 time or .89Gs of lateral grip that make it nonsensical, it’s the ability to do all this while carrying four passengers, weighing almost 4,000 lbs and providing all-wheel-grip during inclement weather. I happen to be driving it during the latter, which initially had me quite frustrated. Then I realized that driving the car during varying levels of rainfall was the best possible environment for uncovering its advantages over comparable sport sedans. Sure enough, I was soon piloting the car nearly as aggressively as I would on bone dry pavement (how many other sport sedans can I say that about?).’

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Published on July 2, 2007 in Car Reviews

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