2006 December Sales

The numbers for December are here ( thanks to Autoblog ) , and I’m going to touch on the stuff that’s interesting to me.   The biggest highlights are Kia with a huge 66% sales increase over last year – that’s pretty strong.  I guess more people are overcoming the ‘Kia’ stigma, or else more people are just plain broke and don’t have another choice.  Take your pick.

On the losing side, Jaguar took top honors, with a sweet 34% decline in sales.  As I keep saying ( I’m a frickin broken record ), Ford needs to disappear Jaguar, quick.

Ford and GM took a pretty good beating, but we all saw that coming.  The blood is still flowing strong in Detroit.  Somehow, Dodge and Chrysler manage to both post an increase, which is astounding considering the utter crap they produce.  Apparently ridiculous rebates and incentives do work, at least for now.

Toyota is still a juggernaut, with stupid high volume increases every month.  They aren’t even showing any signs of slowing down… it’s kinda ridiculous in a way.  At some point they need to slow down, but the end is nowhere in sight.

One of the strangest companies on the list – Saab.  Saab posted a 32% increase over last December – who woulda thunk?  I know I never even consider Saab when looking at new vehicles…. never will either.

And of course we have Isuzu with a 9% increase.  Does Isuzu still sell cars?  I have no idea what vehicles are even in their lineup anymore – does anyone else know?

Overall,  December was pretty much another win for the imports ( Korea, Japan, and Germany ) and a big loser for the domestics.  Chrysler did manage to sell more cars than last year, but no doubt at a massive loss.  What good is selling cars if it’s not profitable, after all? 

Published on January 4, 2007 in Auto Industry News

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